* Time spend battling the bulge goes down significantly as women age;

* In their 20s, women are typically dieting for two years and seven months;

* In their 30s, women are dieting for one year and nine months;

* Women in their 40s diet for one year and three months;

* The peak age for dieting is 29 - just after a woman typically has her first child;

* Result are from a new survey of 1,000 women by Britain's leading diet company, Forzadiet.com 


Women spend six years of their lives on a diet, according to new research.

But the time spent losing weight significantly decreases as they get older and they feel more comfortable with their bodies; with the peak time for dieting is the 20s - and specifically the five years leading up to a woman's 30th birthday.

Whilst women are dieting for two years and seven months throughout their 20s, they become most active in their 29th year - possibly because they want to get into shape before turning 30. With most expecting to lose an average of 10lbs in their 29th year.

The average age of a first-time mother is 28.5 and many women are also keen to lose weight after childbirth.

Dieting goes down in a woman's 30s to one year and nine months. 

The average age for first time brides in the UK is now 30. Interestingly 57% of women said they were more likely to diet when they were single and still looking for a partner.

Dieting decreases further in a woman's 40s - to one year and three months.

Women in their 50s diet for just ten months - a month a year, most typically straight after Christmas and New Year.

It means that by the time a woman has reached 70, she has dieted for six years and two months. 

The results are based on a survey of 1,000 women by Britain's leading diet firm, Forzadiet.com.

Key Diet Stats:

Average diet duration - four weeks and 3 days

Length of the diet does not change as women age - but they diet less.

54% of women are most concerned about staying in shape in their 20s.

64% of married women said they had dieted less after tying the knot. 


Lee Smith, managing director of Forzadiet.com, said: "What this research shows is that the battle to lose weight never goes away.

"But as we get older our willpower diminishes and we also become more comfortable with our bodies.

"Dieting is hard work and if you are going to be spend all those years battling the bulge, you should make sure you are dieting effectively.

"Women are increasingly sophisticated in the way they diet and they are seeking products which make it easier to lose weight."

Forzadiet.com makes Shake It Slim meal replacement products for Boots and Holland & Barrett.


Time women spend dieting

1 20s - two years and seven months

2 30s -  one year and nine months

3 40s - one year and three months

4 50s - 10 months

5 Total time a woman spending dieting by the age of 70 - six years and two months

Peak year for dieting in a woman's life is 29 when she will typically lose 10lbs.